Introducing the new Titlecraft product lineup, featuring brand-new, high quality, handcrafted awards & trophies people actually want to win. Made with callus-inducing care and attention, our products aren't just a symbol of victory, they're a talking-piece around the mantel - something that's seen and asked for.

Step up any fantasy or sports league from amateur to pro or replace your resume with one of our awards.
Titlecraft is the new level of awards & trophies.

Come Get Some!

Exciting New Products for Exciting new Victories. Titlecraft trophies look great and now you have more options to show off that win. They'll look even better garnished with your name and accolades. To see all the new options click here...

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Got a question about how to get Titlecraft in your store? Get in touch with us. We'll tell you everything you need to know to start slinging Titlecrafts. Read more...
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Officially replaces your resume

All new product lineup!

In addition to awesome trophies, Titlecraft now offers a complete line of awards. Handcrafted and hand built, these gems are what an achievement should stand for. No achievement is too large for our lineup - giving yet another reason to win in life and on the field.

A-SSTW7/W9: 7-1/2" & 9" Sizes
A-SDIAW7/W9: 7-1/2" & 9" Sizes
A-SDIA7/9: 7" & 9" Sizes
A-SHX6/7: 6" & 7-1/2" Sizes

This line of awards is the answer you've been waiting for. A unique look, quality materials, and handcrafted excellence deliver the drive to win. Looks great on a mantel, desk, or handheld - it is now the benchmark award for authentic success recognition.

Riser Award:
A-RSR12 12" Size